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Airhawk Cruiser Pillion Cushion - 0807-0027

Airhawk Cruiser Pillion Cushion - 0807-0027

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Unique inflatable, multi-cell air pad made in polyurethane, cover in stretchable fabric on top, breathable mesh sides and non skid material on bottom.

Sit and Ride more hours.

AIRHAWK is known for its DOUBLE-YOUR-SIT-TIME guarantee, based on our patented Air Cell Technology built into every seat overlay cushion. AIRHAWK's motorcycle seat cushions provide unsurpassed comfort during long rides. Proudly made in the USA, our scientifically proven designs distribute your weight and pressure over the entire seating area, reducing the "hot spots" that cause aches and pains. The cushion is made of individual, interconnected air cells allowing air to transfer from chamber-to-chamber, evenly distributing body weight, and promoting proper blood flow. Designed for passengers, the inflatable polyurethane air pad has a polyester top, non-skid bottom, and breathable mesh sides to promote air ventilation. Cruiser straps included. Measures 11" L X 9" W.