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Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand for Kendon Trailers (2004 - Up)

Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand for Kendon Trailers (2004 - Up)

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Retractable Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand and Wheel for Stand-Up™ Utility and Motorcycle Trailers. (2004 and newer models)

Weight: 17 lbs
Type: Swivel Jack
Width: 10 inches
Height: 24 inches
Depth: 10 inches
Retractable: 27 inches

Why Purchase this Product?
The Trailer Crank Down Swivel Jack Stand with Roller Wheel provides a solution for the owner who wants to detach a fully loaded Kendon Trailer from the tow vehicle. The roller wheel permits the user to move the Trailer while fully loaded.

Easy to use: High mechanical leverage makes this Retractable Jack Stand easy to use. Very little cranking effort is needed to elevate the trailer off of the ball hitch of the tow vehicle.

This Trailer Jack Stand fits 2004 and newer Kendon Trailers both Premium and GO! Series.

Trailer Swivel Jack Stand Features & Benefits

Key Motorcycle Trailer Retractable Swivel Jack Stand features and benefits.

  • Heavy Duty construction.
  • Crank down feature will pick up 500lbs of tongue weight. Max load of jack is always higher than Kendon's Max load capacity.
  • Plated to resist oxidation.
  • Quick on / Quick off with no tools required. Slide in the jack, install the pin and you're ready to use the jack.
  • Bolt on application (No welding required).
  • Allows you to move the Kendon trailer when not attached to a vehicle (loaded or unloaded).
  • Please note: This item is no longer produced in the USA.